Security Awareness Training

Cybercrime and cyber security are growing concerns in today’s world. It’s important that users, Information Technology, and developers are properly trained in basic security concepts and are aware of measures to best protect themselves against a variety of cyber-attacks. This is especially true in areas where empowered users can access sensitive corporate and client data where traditional security controls may not be in place. CipherTechs will meet with the client to understand their environment and possible compliance requirements and will then tailor security training sessions to the appropriate target audience.

What CipherTechs offers

Articles to be included in your security awareness training on various internal needed topics or a sample security awareness training session (recorded, in person, or remote) might include:

  • Introduction: Common terms and definitions, desktops/laptops/tablets/smartphones, basics of the Internet, corporate policies and procedures in a chaotic world; what are we afraid of?
  • A Public World: Social media sites, instant messaging, skype, peer to peer applications, public networks, and wireless security. Also included- malware identification: phishing and spear phishing attacks, viruses, worms, keyloggers, bots, identity theft
  • End Point Precautions: Computer updates, backup concepts, agents on the endpoint, physical security, home network issues, remote access considerations, downloading dangers, printing data, and common endpoint applications
  • Email Security: Spam, corporate mail vs. private mail, when not to send, identifying the origin, anti-phishing measures
  • Password Precautions: how passwords are compromised, password reuse, password policy concepts
  • Browser Security: http and https, ‘Remember Me’ button, reviewing a server certificate, short URLs, dangers of certain sites, reviewing security settings
  • Handling Data: Identifying and safeguarding data in-transit and at rest, cloud concerns, USB devices, CDs, etc.
  • Regulatory requirements: what how regulatory requirements can affect the normal user in completing their daily tasks
  • Summary: Whom to contact, where to go to for more information

CipherTechs training

Our trainers our authors, international trainers and presenters, and have conducted hundreds of security assessments and forensics investigations for Fortune 1000 clients in the New York area and also teach IT security courses at New York University.